How to form a Social Media Strategy? The process of social media strategy formation

What is a social media strategy?

Social media strategy is the summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media. It guides your action and help you to know whether you are succeeding or failing.

The entire process of planning about how to create, post and engage with our entire social media contents.

The more specific your plan will be the more effective result will Occur.

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Four goals to be kept in mind while forming Social media Strategy and they are as follows-


When you have clear and straight focus on these particular goals and are working on it then you are all set to form any strategy formation.

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 Steps needed to be followed in order to create Social media Strategy-


Marketing Goals  – For a fruitful social media strategy make sure to set yours marketing goals lined up with your business objectives-

Have a clear concept about the social goals and business goals in your mind and it is necessary to align the social media goals with the business goals-

Social Media Goal
  • Your reach towards the various Networks of social media.   
  • Contents or matter you are posting, that is how much you are consuming it. 
  • Shares, Likes and Comments you are receiving.
  • Conversation with yours target audiences.
  • And finally your Actions taken If any improvement needed.
Business Goal
  • Brand awareness
  • Leadership thought
  • Words given should be kept at any means
  • Leads
  • Sales Orienting.


Thus, for making your solid strategy there are few points and steps which must be very much clear in your mind before you work on it , so that you are on the right track and follows the right process of making the strategies and doing your Social media marketing most effective and profitable one. As you know, the ability to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities is imperative to any company’s marketing strategy.

         Also Social Media Marketing strategy fomation is not a easy deal or work to be done now-a-days due to the wider range of competitions, but it can be done easily and can put a mark in the market with its unique and extra-ordinary strategies and process of marketing.

Having a solid social media strategy can really help to make a huge difference in the success of your course of actions. You will come off with more polished and organized in the market and will be viewed as being a master player in the social media space.

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