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Polishsys Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kudrat Vihar. Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow India respects the privacy of its clients and the website visitors. This Privacy Policy has been created to make you aware of what information we may collect from you and how you shared information is being used from all our site ( )  and any of the social media pages.

We do our every bit do protect customer information and from time to time make changes to the privacy policy which through a notification is being displayed on the website. Regular visitors are aware of these things and for everyone going through the website make sure to go through the privacy policy page before sharing any information. The website is accessible through multiple devices and this privacy policy applies to all such access.

What Information We Collect?

Any information that you share while processing any order on the website, shipping information, products you showed interest and personal information like name, age, address, email address, mobile number with a verification call, which page you visited, Skype Details, products purchased, how do you came to know about us, Source of Shipping will be collected by us. We may use this information to contact you to provide suitable information. Password related information is stored in an encrypted. We will also collect details such as FTP, API details & Server/ WebSite details for development purposes as well as to provide good support. Once the work is complete or for any other reason it is your responsibility that you change the credentials. When you are providing the information you fill terms and condition and only after that those information reaches to us. Time to time we make changes to the policy so you should regularly revisit to be aware of such changes. We notify you about such changes by notification at the top of the website. We will also store information such as Browser Information, IP address, operating system, location, date and automatically store the same. We don’t collect personal information from children under the age of 13 and should not use the website.

What We Do With the Gathered Information?

We will use the information that is being gathered from you for the following ways :

  • Order and Transaction Related Information
  • Sending Associated Product Emails based on the interest shows
  • Sending New Product Information
  • Product Related and Major Updates
  • Improving the overall structure of the site to give personalized experience based personal traits
  • Conduct surveys, promotions, and marketing
  • Payment Related Telephonic Conversations
  • Feedback related Emails and Calls
  • Informational Mails and Calls
  • Industry related news and updates
  • Scheduled Calling
  • Service Related Mails
  • Notification Mails
  • Text Messaging Service

There is always a procedure for cancel subscription to receiving such email and newsletters after you won’t be receiving such information.

How do we deal with 3rd Parties?

Any associated affiliate may receive the personal information shared and they may contact you on for offering there solution and services. Associated Partners will receive the necessary information of the clients in order to reach out to them to offer the complete service solution. We don’t allow any 3rd Parties to conduct the contest and surveys and even if we do then we may prohibit them from using the information for any other purpose In the event of the sale of business all the information would be transferred but before that information would be shared with you related to the same. We may conducts advertisements and use a third-party tool and share information including name, address, email address, the telephone number to show tailored based advertisements of products that may suit your purpose. We reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required by law, and as necessary to protect the property, interests, and rights of . The website might contain links to the 3rd Parties Websites. Those 3rd Party Website may use cookies in order to gather information. This privacy policy does not cover their privacy setup. So we suggest going through each site privacy policy separately. We will use third party software like MailChimp, Hotjar, Live Chat Facilitators, Google Analytics and Google Adwords to track the visits of the prospects and for re-marketing and re-targeting purposes.

Choice to Opt-In / Opt Out

We want our voice to reach only to those who really want to listen. In case you don’t want to listen to us we have provided a way you can always reach us to at and we would stop all communication with you. You could also mail In case you don’t want any service related mail or want your account deleted which you have with us or want all type of communication stopped with us.  At any time the client can opt-out of any service by removing the software and can also delete/change any information which he has provided earlier. At any time the client can opt-out of any service by removing the software and can also delete/change any information which he has provided earlier.
You could also unsubscribe to the email services of polishsys by clicking on the unsubscription link provided at the bottom of the email.


There is no fixed term or duration where we will be keeping the information. We may keep as long as it is required for the purpose mentioned in the policy and as governed by the Law. in encrypted form using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections to help protect such information from interception.

What are Cookies and What Information does it gathers ?

Cookies are a small piece of information that is transferred to your computer as soon as you visit a website. We use traffic log cookies for statistical analysis in order to tailor your needs. Once the purpose is achieved, the required data is immediately removed from our system. In fact, cookies further our objective to allow you to take complete advantage of our site You can always change your setting whereby you will be notified whenever a site is using cookies and it will depend on your acceptance whether the information is transferred or not. Cookies used by affiliates and partners are not covered under this privacy policy.

DATA Transparency

To follow the policy of GDPR we are providing you the facility to request us to ask any of your query related to your data.
Reach out to us from here.

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