What is social media marketing and uses


What is Meant by Social Media Marketing?

 Basically Social Media Marketing defines a process of using social networks and social media’s in order to market our company’s product and Services.

Social media marketing provides any company a platform to get mixed up with broad range of customers ie. Either new ones or existing one for marketing their products or services out there and that to by promoting every customers desired culture, views, tone and Mission.

Uses Of Social Media Marketing-

  • Communication- The main tools of Communication are Websites and blogs where you can interact, communicate and are able to inform about the business to the audiences by creating different blogs and articles, from where People can read your matter and will be able to comment on it.

                                                 Another modes like by using the Social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook an individual can directly interact with the audiences in the form of personal details, photos, comments video posts and many more.

  • Collaboration– there are few collaborative tools which are also a social media platform. With the help of these tools everyone is able to update their views, download and also upload any files there wish to. This form of Social media allows the multiple users to take the advantages of a single platform and also helps different individuals to collaborate with each other in a personalized manner to get the expected outcomes.
  • Reviews and Opinions- now a days a website or a blog is mainly examined by the number of stars it is having and also the Reviews  by the individual. This form is almost similar to have conversation with someone about their products and services. In the Review they can provide their individuals view and also can rate the website which forms a great impact on the other or new one who will open it for the first time.
  •  Brand Monitoring- These tools are the ultimate help when it comes to summarize all the feedbacks and comments about any particular business.

         Uses of Social Media are immense in empowering you to know what people are talking about your brand, product or service. This will also enable you to manage the reputation of your brand on the web. Even, if anyone is talking negative about your brand, you can resolve that issue right away, so your online reputations stay intact.

  • Entertainment- the entertainment industry is all dependent on the social media platforms as well. Take the example of sites that promote entertainment. There are many channels that promote live entertainment and it is all due to the use of social media. These sites not only increase the interaction between the people but they also keep the people entertained.
  • Media Sharing – One of the most popular and very well-known sites that can be used for sharing media is YouTube. With over 500 million followers, this website is already on the map due to the amazing things that it offers to its users.

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Also there are many Such sites by which we can create the channels which allows the different individuals to interact with each other.

With the help of social media we can easily download or upload media content with ease through various sites.

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